Sample Record Orange County

Sample Record San Diego
July 10, 2012
Business Data for San Diego County
July 11, 2012


Sample Business Orange County

12077 Irvine Blvd, # D; Irvine, CA 92612


949-555-1234   Fax 949-555-1235


7375 BUS SERV-Information Retrieval Services 1


P. 50-100 employees 2

Site Type: Headquarters 3


Add Record Date: 05-23-1990


Building use: Office Class: A 4     Actual Square Feet: 15,125 5

Past Move: 10/15/10     Future Move: 10/15/15


                                    Ms. Jocelyn Maggard,   CEO 6   

                                    Mr. Daffy Duck ,  CFO 

                                    Mr. Mickey Mouse,  VP of Operations 

                                    Ms. Minnie Mouse,  Marketing Manager 

                                    Mr. Fred Flintstone,  Director of Human Resources 

                                    Mr. George Jetson,  VP of Finance 

                                    Mr. Bill Gates,  CTO





  1. 1)There are 13 major business groups with over 900 subgroups
  2. 2)This firm has 50-100 employees at this Headquarters location, but they may employ more at other locations.
  3. 3)Most firms are coded as Single or “Only location.” Firms are coded “Headquarters,” “Only location,” “Branch,” “Division,” or “Franchise.”
  4. 4)Firms are coded by type of building they occupy.
  5. 5)Firms are coded with the square footage they occupy. Estimated square footage is used when Actual sq. ft. is not available.
  6. 6)We compile from one to seven Key Executives depending on the size of theWe capture Email addresses when available.


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