The Value of the Prospects Analysis Report

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July 13, 2012
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July 13, 2012

Why is the FREE Prospects Analysis Report (PAR) valuable? 

A major goal of Inside Prospects is to provide B2B businesses with a Prospects Analysis Report, or snap shot, of the makeup of their future customers. The PAR details the number of prospects by size, location, and type of business. We have been providing businesses with this valuable report sense 1977! In fact, we have done thousands of PAR’s for over 100 different business types.

Presidents and owners use the data in the report as the basis of their firm’s overall budget, business plan, and market plan. For example, budgets are based on a forecast of revenue, which is based in part on a forecast of sales. These forecast are in turn are based upon a percentage of market penetration. If the market is not accurately defined, then all the other numbers are off.

Marketing managers use the PAR to design their market plan. Marketing materials should be constructed to match the prospect makeup. For example if 20% of your prospects are CPA’s, then you should consider promotional materials that are designed around how CPA’s will benefit from using your product.

Sales managers use the PAR to design sales territories, and to determine the number of sales people needed. Sales managers should be aware that prospects are not evenly spread across the territories, and should assign sales people that “fit” each territory.

Sales people use the PAR to better understand their territory. To be successful, a sales person must focus on prospecting for new business. The more they understand their territory, the more effective they will be in generating new revenue.

What is involved in creating the report? You need to invest 10 minutes of your time, on the phone, with Gregg or Bob to review your target market. You will then receive a report within 24 hours. After your review, we will rerun the report with any changes you request.

Accurate baseline data will help you get the most out of your marketing resources.


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